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Because it's complicated to
export in China


International Trade Complexity


B2B Commercial relations


Export costs and payments


Local language and China product adaptation


Time to organize export


Supply chain organization

Food market in China


Only of global EU food
exports go to China

> 1,000 billion €

China is the largest food
market in the world


Here comes Foodgates

Sell and export your products to China,in a quicker and simpler way with Foodgates.

Chinese regulation & compliance pre check

Working closely with certification bodies and Chinese authorities (such as CIQ and ASQL) we make sure that all products in Foodgates comply with Chinese regulations.


Check if your products are exportable to China!

Importability Check

All Supply Chain services available

Foodgates reduces the risk of disruptions in the cross-border food supply chain. Our 10 years of experience in importing food in China and on the ground presence in Europe guarantees the food journey through the appropriate channels.


Improved margins & productivity

Foodgates offers full transparency and breakdown of prices and logistic costs. We eliminate the opaque stages of cross- border food supply chain so that you can save time and capture more value.


Direct access to China market

Foodgates is the only European B2B platform with a direct access to the entire Chinese market. Enjoy a full range of services to export and sell more products : regulation, chinese mandarin translations, marketing, commercial, logistic and payments.


Manage your orders easily

Foodgates features and user-friendly interfaces are designed to help you easily organize and manage your orders for shipping and processing. You can manage your orders, RFQ, inventory, and associated documents all from your Foodgates dashboard. Enjoy real-time alerting and don't miss any business opportunities !


Check if your products would be exportable in china !

Let's go


From Starter to Expert, our packages are designed to sell and export in China, quickly and easily.

  • 1-10 Products published on the catalog
  • 10 Importability checks
    / 12 months
  • Customer service experts in France and China
49€ 499€
with a 12 months commitment
(excl VAT)
or 599€/month
without commitment (excl VAT)
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Most PopularPro
  • 11-30 Products published on the catalog
  • 20 Importability checks
    / 12 months
  • Customer service experts in France and China
99€ 799€
with a 12 months commitment
(excl VAT)
or 899€/month
without commitment (excl VAT)
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  • 31-100 Products published on the catalog
  • 50 Importability checks
    / 12 months
  • Customer service experts in France and China
129€ 999€
with a 12 months commitment
(excl VAT)
or 1299€/month
without commitment (excl VAT)
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Benefit of the platform launch operation

by registering immediately !

All Packages include

Access to our trade and logistics experts
  • Get chinese label design
  • Create easily your profile and product page
  • Get a multilingual profile and catalog (english and chinese translations included - within word limit)
  • Highlight your certifications
  • Tell your story through pictures and videos on your profile
Manage your sales in China online
  • Get direct orders
  • Receive RFQs
  • Get trade alerts in real time
  • Gain support for end-to-end logistics
  • Sell to verified buyers
  • Access to general RFQ (coming soon)
  • Optimize shipment price and services (coming soon)
  • Get a trade performance dashboard (coming soon)
  • Get a multi account access (coming soon)
Access to on-demand services
  • Support to produce quality photo and video content
  • Communication on China social networks
  • Blockchain to protect the supply chain of your products

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